Pizza Dough Using Your Bread Machine

If you love making pizza like I do, you’ll love your Bread Machine.  This little invention not only makes great bread quickly, but you can make enough pizza dough in 1 hour to feed a football team.  Here is how I do it. Continue reading

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Bought another great cookbook!

I can’t wait to try some of the exciting recipes in Bobby Flay’s cookbook.  Flay’s book “Bold American Cooking”, was his first cookbook and the recipes in it make my mouth water.  His style of cooking, Spicy South Western, with a splash of his own style and techniques is exactly how I love to cook.  Pinapple Tomatillo salsa, corn relish,chipotle sauce,,,,,,,,,,hmmm can’t wait to try some.  Bobby Flay is one of the chefs on the Food Network Channel and you can find him competing on the Iron chef program.

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Have you ever made a Mexican Pizza?

Mexican pizza is one of my families favorite pizzas.  It’s simple to make and if you have a taste for spicy flavors with a little heat, this pizza is for you. Continue reading

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Turn Your Leftover Rice Into Tasty Chinese Fried Rice

Turn your left over white rice into the best fried rice you ever had!  Fried rice is one of my favorite Chinese dishes.  Shrimp, beef or chicken, I love them all.  When I go out for Chinese food, I always take all of the left over white rice back home for making fried rice that lasts me several days. Continue reading

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Diet Pizza or Bruschetta

Do you love pizza? Continue reading

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Award Winning Italian Meatballs

Here is a recipe for Italian meatballs that helped win a cooking contest that I entered. The prize for the winner was a limo for the night for friends and family and a trip to San Francisco to a top notch Italian restaurant called Fior d’Italia. Continue reading

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HowTo Make Pizza On Your Barbecue

Barbecue Pizza!……….. Why barbecue a pizza?

The simple answer is fast cooking. To make great pizza your pizza should cook fast and fast cooking is one of the secrets to making a perfect pizza pie.

Continue reading

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