Weight Loss Weirdness

Recently, I found out that I had high Cholesterol, not a surprise since, I come from the gene pool of good old Italian folks, all with high cholesterol.  I thought this might be a problem for a guy that loves to cook pizza and Italian food.  So, I set out to lose some weight.  It was much easier than I expected. I took off 15 pounds by keeping my calories under 1200 per day and exercising daily, and it only took 6 weeks!

I thought I was doing good, I only had about 10-15 more pounds to lose before I reached my weight loss goal.  Then my weight loss stalled. I wasn’t losing anymore weight.  My weight has stayed the same for weeks!  What was I doing wrong?  When I found out that I wasn’t eating enough food, I was shocked.

Here is what I discovered.  My normal calorie range is between 1500-1850 and because I was eating less than 1200 calories per day my body thought I was starving.  My body began protecting me by conserving my calories in my fat! (Thanks, but no thanks)  Is that weird ?  I never thought that I would have to eat more to lose weight, but that’s exactly what I have to do.  I guess I will have an extra slice of pizza or maybe two.

It took me a long time to find a good web site to help me track my calories and help me with my weight loss goals. This is a free site and is a wonderful source for all kinds of information.  I highly recommend it to anyong trying to eat healthy and lose weight.  It’s called Sparkpeople.

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5 Responses to Weight Loss Weirdness

  1. Karen says:

    Hey chef! I think you got the solution to my problem too. I was also dieting for the last few weeks, trying to keep my calorie content somewhere around 1200- 1400 calories per day. All was going well and with the diet and my exercise regime I lost a handful of pounds. And then suddenly, all of it came to a standstill and I started eating even less and exercising more. I had almost given up on this diet program when I saw your blog. What you say makes a lot of sense. I think I need a few doughnuts to start losing weight… sounds ridiculous… eat to lose… but after starving for last few days, I would love to indulge myself. Thanks!

  2. unknownchefvinny says:

    Glad I can help! A Bavarian cream doughnut sounds awful good to me too.

  3. Lynda Lippin says:

    Yes! I always tell people that eating too little does NOT help weight loss as your body begins to conserve resources when it thinks it’s not getting enough. Glad you figured it out and fixed the situation.


  4. angel says:

    Hi!! I have been following your way of you dieting and exercising for almost 2weeks now and it really works!! I eat everything in little quantities, eating 5-6 small meals everyday and exercising regularly. This is working well for me lost almost 5 pounds in last two weeks and it does not feel like dieting at all… and one more thing.. I have started taking green tea… It is a Chinese herb which they have been using since ages for medicinal purposes. Many studies have shown that the consumption of green tea along with a healthy diet can help you lose more weight faster. It is believed that green tea’s strong anti-oxidant properties combined with the caffeine in the tea help speed up the rate of metabolism and burn fat faster. Some studies have also shown that green tea can restrain the absorption of dietary fat. And I think that all this is correct. I generally have 2-3 cups of green tea everyday and now I am planning to increase my intake. You may try it too… it surely works!

  5. unknownchefvinny says:

    I first starting drinking green tea in Japan in 1972, I can’t say I love it, it still taste like boiled lawn grass. I know how good it is for you so I gulp it down. Thanks for your comments, I’ll have to gulp down some more.

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